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Improving MateBook X Pro’s Speakers

Measurements in Stock Form

The MateBook X Pro has some of the best speakers on any ultrabook, but they’re not perfect. As you can see from this graph (the brown line is the frequency response), they sound a bit bright and lack bass. The bass mostly extends to about 200Hz but my desk gave it another resonance down at 135Hz.

The brown line is the frequency response, and the others are the harmonic distortion levels.

You can refer to this graph to adjust your equalizer setting in the Dolby app. You can also right click and download my Room EQ Wizard file to generate an equalizer setting for Equalizer APO.

Audio Drivers

Switching to generic Microsoft audio drivers in Device Manager makes the sound absolutely fecal. This leads me to suspect that basic but apparently necessary processing (such as coordinating between the pairs of tweeters and woofers) occurs in the Realtek drivers provided by Huawei (through Windows Update or otherwise).

Distortion Problem and Possible Fix

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