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[Quiz] Mindmap software

I think SimpleMind is better than OpenMind because it’s a cooler app.

It looks nicer, with a simpler interface and smooth performance.

It’s easy to use, besides the possible lack of functionality.

It feels better to use because it’s a native OS X app, instead of a clumsy Java port.

It has all the features I need to map simple ideas and structures.

I’m using the free version, which can only export to PDF using the print function.

[Exam] How to create a voiceover in iMovie

iMovie is handy for making tutorials and demonstrations. If you’re like me and prefer to record video and audio separately, you’ll probably need to record voiceovers, which are soundtracks (commentary tracks) that go along with your video. Here’s how to add an voiceover – assuming you have some previous knowledge using iMovie and have created and opened a project to edit in. Continue reading

ICT in Class

Subjects: Math

The technology: smart board, Grapher (Mac utilities)

How to use it: teacher explains questions on smart board, we use Grapher to draw functions

How to use it better: I hope there will be some app for Windows that’s similar to MyScript. MyScript apps such as MyScript Calculator (for Android/iOS) can automatically format and rearrange text and math calculations/expressions. Continue reading