Hackintosh ASRock Fatal1ty Z87 Killer

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  1. I have the same motherboard as you and am having issues getting this to run. Did you use virtualbox to get things started and if so what image did you use

    1. Hello Seathasky! It’s awesome that you are the first person out of my school to comment on my blog! It’s cool that you’re using the same board, and I’ll try to help you. Did you try flashing the patched ROM with AFUWin?

      1. Didnt need to flash the rom apparently, but only issue now is getting the damn thing to install correctly. keeps saying “Still waiting for root device” any suggestions? can you post your kernal 🙂

          1. Anyways, i got a unibeast usb stick now, problem is when i load it i see the apple screen for a split second and reboots. I probably need to patch my bios only issue is afuwinx86 crashes in windows everytime i try and use it. im curious how you g ot it to work

          2. Do you know the command to flash bios with afudos? afudos pmpatched.bin /gan in dos doesnt work

          3. Sorry, I don’t know about afudos, never got that far on this. There’s a guide on ericthewino.com about patching the Killer’s BIOS.

  2. I pmpatched the bios file from the asrock webpage, patched fine but when i try and use instant flash in the asrock bios, it wont flash. get some secure flash check failed? any help would be appreciated

  3. Success, I got my bios flashed with afudos. apparently the xxxx.bin file had too many characters in its name. Flashed it successfully, put my unibeast usb stick in and booted with f11, BAM! everything works now haha! 🙂

  4. Hi,

    thanks for the very helpul informations on this page, sadly it doesn’t work on my killer board.
    I have pmpatched bios and created all necessary sticks/files.
    Problem is that the machine hangs at booting the installer with a kernel panic, no restart, have to kill it manually. I also tried different boot args..

    Hope you can help me 🙂

    Brgds – cococheaf

  5. hi, thank you, sadly i am not able to make a photo of the Screen at the Moment, since i am not at home for a while. but i assume i have problems with my 79×0 Card or BIOS. Can you eventually send me a copy of your pmpatched BIOS?

    Thanks in advance – brgds. cococheaf

  6. This shit doesnt work on i7 4770k , gtx 780 , asrock z87 killer. I tried also to use the integrated hd 4600 but this wont help. When you want to install the OS from USB you see apple logo for about 0.5 sec and the PC reboots.
    Any ideas ????

    1. You need to patch your UEFI BIOS. I’m sorry that part of the tutorial is unclear. I will update it with specific instructions.
      1. Extract your BIOS ROM with AMIBIOS Patch Utility.
      2. Patch the extracted ROM file with PMPatch.
      3. Flash the patched file back in with AMIBIOS Patch Utility.
      You may need to look online for exactly how to do these steps, because I learned it from ericthewino.com and have now forgotten. Good luck!

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