HE400i EQ Correction using Rtings Data


I found a frequency response measurement of the HE400i that is more accurate than the ones I previously used in my equalizer settings. I discovered a way to extract the graph data from Rtings.com. Rtings.com has measurements of lots of headphones, and their methodology is one of the most accurate. So, I imported their data into Room EQ Wizard and created an equalizer profile to correct the frequency response of my HiFiMan HE400i.

Measurements and Correction

I came up with the filters manually. I’m choosing not to boost the troughs or over-correct the treble to prevent side effects that arise when any particular listener’s ears don’t exactly match this graph.

I used of 3 low-shelf filters to create a smooth bass curve that fits and counteracts the bass roll-off.

Listening Impressions

Everything sounds very natural and neutral, more so than my previous EQ attempt. The bass roll-off sounds completely counteracted, or at least counteracted much more than in previous EQ attempts.

Rtings’s target frequency response apparently has a slight bass boost and downward (dark) tilt, which makes sense if you subscribe to Harman’s theory.


Low-shelf  30.0Hz   8dB  S=0.9
Low-shelf   110Hz   4dB  S=0.9
Low-shelf  1200Hz  -2dB  S=0.9
Peak       3250Hz  -2dB  Q=2.5
Peak       7000Hz  -4dB  Q=3.5
Peak       9500Hz  -6dB  Q=2.5

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Philip Nguyen

Thanks so much for sharing this! I agree, this new EQ makes the he400i sound much more natural (especially for vocals). I’ve used your settings as a platform to EQ the headphones to my music / tastes. It’s been a… Read more »