Fix MateBook X Pro Fingerprint Reader After Windows Reinstall

The Problem

When setting up Windows Hello, you can’t get past the first prompt to touch the fingerprint sensor.

The Solution

The following drivers need to be installed in this order:

  1. Intel Chipset
  2. Intel Serial IO
  3. Intel ME
  4. Intel SGX
  5. Fingerprint

You can get these drivers in the “Others” section of the MateBook X Pro support page.


  1. Hey Brad, my apologies if this is not best place for this question but couldn’t find an e-mail to get in touch..
    I live in Thailand and the Matebook X Pro hasn’t been released here yet so I am planning to buy it in China in a couple of weeks and wondering about the process to change the language to English (read in a reddit thread post that you went through this). Do I have to buy a brand new Windows license or there’s another way? Also, do you know if the chinese warranty will be void after doing this? Contacted Huawei support in HK by phone and he believed it would be void if I re-install Windows.. he didn’t sound so sure about the information tho and it seems unlikely to me that would be the case. Anyways, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

    1. I highly doubt that reinstalling Windows would void the warranty. When you send a device in for warranty repair, they won’t care to check your Windows license.

  2. Hey Brad,
    Thank you for posting this thread!

    Since Huawei only allows to install drivers through Huawei Device Manager now, I have a problem to install these recommended drivers in given order. Can you please help me to solve this issue?


  3. Worked for me as well – did a fresh install of the latest Win 10 ISO and my fingerprint sensor wouldn’t work regardless of having the latest drivers installed by Huawei’s PC Manager.

    Went through the list included here one by one and it worked.

    I did NOT reboot between each driver installation but did at the end, and it worked so don’t waste that time, although it does boot quickly.

  4. Yes agree with you about the warranty, don’t think it will be void after reinstalling Windows.
    Anyways I decided to try and just bought it, now I have to change the language from Chinese to English, do you mind sharing how you did that?

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