Matebook X Pro Teardown

Must-know for disassembly: unlike the MateBook X, there are no screws under the rubber feet. Instead, there are many plastic tabs that hold the back plate firm. Unscrew the screws and use a guitar pick or similar tool to pry around the edges until all the plastic tabs are undone. Then, the cover will come off.

The only heatsink in this laptop is this big metal plate. The tiny fan simply blows air across it instead of pushing air through heatsink fins. The heat pipes extend all across but they don’t lead anywhere. They just spread the heat evenly within the laptop. Therefore, sustained-load performance takes a hit.

The back cover has many foam pads that press against the internals. Around the edges are many plastic tabs that make it harder to take off the back cover.

See the motherboard with the heatsink off.

The Nvidia MX150 and its VRAM.

The Nvidia MX150 chip is cooled via a thermal pad as if it were an iGPU. I tried replacing it with thermal paste, but temperatures worsened because the gap is too big.

The motherboard has good component density. It’s also the thinnest I’ve seen. The coil whine is insane on my unit.

The miserably small fan can spin at over 7,000 RPM, but the bar under it (where the heatsink would usually be) is just one of the WiFi antennas. Nevertheless, hot air still exists under the antenna.

The copper base plate for the CPU.

The WiFi card (Intel AC-8275) is non-replaceable.

The pop-up webcam’s bottom and the tensioning springs for the hinge.

The SSD is the most awkward part of the design. It cannot be removed without taking off the heatsink first. Also, heat from the processors gets dumped on it.

The speakers under the speaker grill are tiny.

Most of the sound comes from the bottom-facing speakers instead, which have much larger enclosures.

There is a cavity on each side of the touchpad, underneath the battery. They’re not quite big enough to fit extra battery cells or thick enough for the speaker enclosure to extend into it.

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