MateBook X Pro Touchpad Rattle Fix

If your Huawei MateBook X Pro’s touchpad is loose and rattles when you tap on it, try sticking a piece of paper between the touchpad and the frame. You might not need to remove the battery like I did, but if you do, the heatsink plate has to come off first, which is a hassle. You do NOT need to take out the touchpad itself to perform this mod.


  1. Hi Brad, I tried this but did not seem to work. I probably did not put the paper in between the right layers? Could you post more description, or better yet more pictures or a video? Thanks!

      1. You’re awesome! After watching your video, I realized that I mis-understood your picture – the most important part is to get a piece of paper in between the hole in the front and the frame. The ‘tail’ of the paper doesn’t matter – it’s the small piece under the hole that makes the difference.

        I tried to use a thicker piece of paper (index card), but that seemed to jam the mechanism, and after closing the lid I could no longer feel a click. I tried putting tiny pieces of electrical tape under the feet of the metal plate (there are 2 – just visible on the bottom and lower-right edges of your pic), but this didn’t work either – couldn’t feel a click.

        I think your fix is the only thing I’ve tried so far that works. You just need a thin piece of paper in the right spot. I’m disappointed in Huawei’s QC though. Hopefully your fix holds up!

  2. I have the same issue. Love the notebook. I think it fits my needs better than my xps 9550. Besides the rattling track pad, I haven’t had any issues. I will be trying this mod this weekend, sometime. I will try to post some pictures.

  3. Hey Brad did you have to rip off the rubber feet in order to open the back of the Huawei laptop? I know you had to remove the rubber feet on the old one in order to access the back panel.

      1. Great thanks Brad. Last question since you switched your ssd for a Samsung Pro 960 have you noticed a difference small or big with performance in regards to day to use of the laptop? Or any differences in general at all since the switch?

          1. Thanks Brad I was considering buying a Samsung 970 or 960 Pro to replace the 512 Toshiba that came with my laptop since the read speed sucks but I don’t use it for anything main stream. Just Basic use from web surfing, university projects, and music. But if its not worth it since no noticeable change is seen then not worth me wasting money.

  4. Hello Brad,

    I tried this fix and seem to log sensitivity when clicking and especially click when dragging upward to near the top of the touchpad. Is that par for the course for this fix?

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