[Guide] Solve 0x80070057 Error When Installing Windows

The Problem:

The Windows Installer displays a 0x80070057 error code with a “Failed to prepare or format the partition during Windows installation” message when trying to install a clean copy of Windows.

The Explanation:

The filesystem, hard drive or hard drive connector may be corrupt. This can be caused by software or hardware problems.


  • Reset the BIOS.
  • Go into the BIOS and “Load Optimized Defaults” for “Other OS”.
  • Use a different installation media – USB, SD-Card, or DVD.
  • Use DiskPart to manually create the NFTS main partition.
  • Use WinToUSB to create a live boot Windows USB drive. Boot from it and use Disk Management to format the partition if DiskPart fails.
  • Use the live system to update the BIOS.
  • Change the SATA cable.
  • Change the hard drive/SSD.

If all of these fail, then it’s probably a hardware problem. Contact your manufacturer for repair. In my case, my computer turned out to have a broken motherboard.

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