2nd-Gen MateBook X Pro (2019) Revealed in FCC Docs

Feb 24 MWC Update: turns out this is the all-new MateBook 14.

A 2019 successor to the Huawei MateBook X Pro is coming, and it’s looking good — at least in these documents from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

Annotated page of KLV-WX9 (2019 MateBook X Pro) label document from FCC, showing unique port selection and revised design.

The model in question is the KLV-WX9, codename ‘Kelvin’. See the original label document here. Read more about MateBook model codenames here.


At first glance, the updated MateBook X Pro looks very similar to the MateBook 13’s bottom, with a wide air intake for a dual-fan cooling system. However, you can see that this is a more premium laptop: it has a machined aluminum unibody just like the current X Pro, while the MateBook 13’s body is composed of multiple, cheaper, mostly two-dimensional stamped aluminum sheets.

Measuring the body drawing to-scale, the new MateBook appears to be roughly 4mm wider and 7mm taller. So, we may be getting the webcam on the top bezel, or a slightly bigger (14″?) screen, or thicker bezels in exchange for more internal space, or none of the above — Huawei’s drawing may just be distorted.


Judging by the sizes and shapes of the connectors on the sides, there are two USB-A ports, only one USB-C port, a headphone jack, and a full-size HDMI port. This is a strange choice of I/O for a 2019 ultrabook — if the drawing is to be believed.

Power & Performance

The 2019 MateBook X Pro will come with a 65W (20V × 3.25A) charger, as usual.

From the SAR test document, we now know the spec variants:

w/ dGPU
w/ dGPU
CPUi7 4.6GHz
(probably 8565U)
i5 3.9GHz
(probably 8265U)
i5 3.9GHz
(probably 8265U)
i3 3.9GHz
(probably 8145U)

It’s surprising to see an i3 option with only 4GB of RAM, and strange that Huawei is giving the X Pro an i3 option while the more budget-oriented MateBook 13 starts with an i5.

The document lists the battery as 7410mAh × 7.6V ≈ 56.3Wh. The choice to continue using the low voltage is disappointing, as it can bottleneck performance when on battery.

The discrete graphics option will most likely be a 25W Nvidia MX150, just like the MateBook 13.

The new model will perform much better, especially under heavier load, than the current X Pro, thanks to its much more adequate cooling system.


As I previously mentioned, Huawei has been testing this device since last fall. It is very likely that Huawei will announce the new MateBook at MWC Barcelona in late February, as they did last year. China started getting the MXPro in April, and other markets followed in the summer. I hope Huawei quickens their pace this year.

Bonus Story: Next-Gen MateBook X Pro Hidden in Plain Sight for Months – Huawei Sent FCC Drawing of It Instead of MateBook 13

Here is the label document that FCC has on record for the MateBook 13, a.k.a. ‘Wright’ or WRT-WX9.

Do you notice anything wrong with this drawing, other than, of course, the misspelling of ‘label’?

  1. The drawing says ‘Kelvin’ instead of ‘Wright’.
  2. There are more screws on the bottom cover than the actual MateBook 13.
  3. The ports are different.
  4. The dimensions, when measured to scale, are much bigger than the MB13.

Now look at this drawing, superimposed onto the KLV-WX9 from the beginning of this article:

Besides different feet and speaker grills, these are identical drawings!

This is not the MateBook 13. This is ‘Kelvin’, the 2nd-gen MateBook X Pro. More precisely, an early revision of it from June 2018.

This leak has been sitting on fccid.io since November. I can’t believe nobody picked up on this until now!

[divider] Thanks to Hans-Joachim Vogel for the tip to look at FCC info!

You can look up specs and teardown photos of millions of devices on fccid.io. Let’s all try to dig up something!

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With only one USB-C port will it still be possible to charge the device while using an eGpu or an external Monitor via Thunderbold?