Who on earth is Brad?

Hello, world! I’m Brad, a tech enthusiast and mechanical engineer who recently graduated from UC Berkeley. During college, I co-founded Berkeley’s Formula Electric racing team, and interned at Tesla’s Electronic Systems and Prototype Engineering teams for a total of 16 months. I’m spending my year after graduation on growing my business and developing more of my own products, some of which I’ll be sharing on this website.

About this Website

This blog was originally created for an 8th-grade computer class project. I’ve decided to take it a bit further and use it to share my projects, device teardowns, guides, reviews and more.

gerund or present participle: hacking
1. To cut with rough or heavy blows.

2. To use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system.
3. To modify something in order to improve it.
Brad Shacks
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Simon P

Hey Brad. Just thought I’d take the time to show some appreciation here. I must have been the 1 person who didn’t have any MBxP touchpad rattle at all, but every single other aspect of this laptop is now better because of you.


Conan Wolf

hello i heard that you did a WDTVLive hack… well i have 2 question, what is in side of one of these devices, what are the real specs… it must have some kind of decent processor to be able to run movies. Second can i change the firmware to make… Read more »


Hi Brad I unfortunately spilt some baby oil on the keyboard of my Matebook X Pro. It would boot up as the SSD couldn’t be found. However I fixed that using rubbing alcohol. But now some keys aren’t working x,c,v,m and ; plus ‘ A couple more wern’t going but… Read more »


Hey Brad. Absolutely awesome website and your explanations are super detailed and clear. Have you ever run across a MBxP keyboard where the left control key creaks when you press it down? Maybe a clearance issue of some sort?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Yosef sh

Hello , i have actually question , i have a problem with my laptop (huawei matebook x pro mach-wx9) My laptop screen is blurring with colors but in the same time it’s working , the touch is working and i can see the screen is not broken , how can… Read more »

Matthew Hiscock

Hi Brad Great site, may I suggest something to try on your MBPX – after seeing your cooling hacks. While there is clear cooling issue, you identified the core issue at the start of your video. “The air isnt always flowing over the hot areas, before getting ejected from the… Read more »

Gabriel Aizenman

Hey Brad. I currently have a Matebook x pro, but unfortunately I think the hinge got damaged when I put a little too much pressure whole it was open. As a result, when I close it a crack appears on the back and the screen seems to be ever so… Read more »

Ravi Balla

Hey Brad, site looks cool. I have a MBP, but when I sent it for out-of-warranty (bought just over a year ago), they tell me that motherboard is gone and asking $1300 to replace. Do I have a better option from your perspective?


HI. I got in to your website and its really nice. Could you maybe advice me how to het BIOS 1.19 for ma x pro 2019?
I updated yesterday to 1.22 and it sucks..its heating more in my opinion and the system became unstable, any advice? 🙂


Hi Brad, I found your videos on YouTube after looking at Huawei matebook x pro reviews and teardowns. (Was looking for something more compact then my gaming laptop, for browsing, media and light games) Your heatsink mod and noctua blowing on the chasis got me thinking of less damaging ways… Read more »

Gay M. Godfrey

I was very glad to see your video about removing the second row seats of the 2021 Sienna, When I took it to my body shop and asked them to do this, they said that because of the way the air bags are arranged, the seats cannot be removed without… Read more »

Joshua Magda

Great tips. Toyota sienna 3rd gen is becoming popular for mini campers. I have a 2012, non powered passenger seat awd LE. Im debating removing passenger seat completely but need a bypass for the sensors. Any suggestions? Thank you from Colorado. Email is best. I’ll send you PayPal or whatever… Read more »


Trying out your airbag sensor resistor in a 2015 4runner. Doing a driver seat replacement and was about to solder in a 2.2ohm resistor when I saw your device. Plug looks the same, so will give it a shot!


Hi Brad : )
If I plug the air bag simulator for the Sienna before repluging the battery…. I won’t have to do anything and everything will work as usual that’s right ?

John Theede

I just bought a 2021 Sienna hybrid and saw your video about the 2nd tow seat removal. My car seems to have a slightly different setup for the airbag wiring. The 2 captains chairs are wired together, with only the passenger side seat having a yellow connector (and no white… Read more »


Hi Brad, I had a Huawei Matebook X pro and followed many of your superb recommendations/mods (especially with the touchpad rattle) and power management (Throttle stop settings)…. Those were super helpful. Now I have purchased a Lenovo Yoga 7i 15.6inch laptop (model: Yoga 7 15ITL5) and have the same touchpad… Read more »

Ross Blake

Hi Brad – thanks for your hacks, Is there any chance you could do an update on your throttlestop hacks based on the latest throttlestop version please? The layout and options have changed so not really sure what I’m doing. These hacks occur in your article entitled ‘ACTUALLY USEFUL TWEAKS… Read more »

John H

I didn’t find any other place to ask about your dongles. I saw that I needed a round and square per seat for a 2022 sienna. At the site that I found at time I ordered, there was a round, a square and the legacy that showed a picture of… Read more »


Hey Brad, love your in depth guides and attention to detail. Wondering if you heard of or have any plans about the Xiaomi Book Pro 2022? Thanks!

Bob Hirschhorn

Brad. Do you have a customer who would remove my sienna 2021 seats in the NY area? I’d be glad to pay him, and you’d sell your dongles.


Hello Brad. I’ve just discovered your hack for removing error code after removing sienna seats. Cool! Since it has been a few years, have you gained any info about this same process for Honda Pilot 2017 removal of second row seats? Thanks.


Hi Brad, I greatly appreciate your time and skills sets!!! So, I have a new 2023 Toyota Sienna Limited with the ottoman recline seats. I was ready to purchase the dongles for it , but thought it best to open the plastic skirt covers before I do. Glad I did…… Read more »

larry Jensen

Hey Brad, I purchased two sets of your airbag resistor plugs for my new 2024 seinna. Thank you for those. I am excited to put them to use. I also watched your video on how to take the second-row seats out. I am wondering if you have a video or… Read more »

Pam Keinath

I am trying to buy the air bag simulator plugs for my 22 Sienna but your site wants to charge me over $500! Is there something I am not understasnding? Thanks