Show CPU/GPU Stats in Notification Area with Afterburner

By the way, I’m using NetSpeedMonitor to show my network throughput.

If you want to show CPU or GPU stats like usage, frequency, power and temperature in the Taskbar’s Notification Area/system tray, like iStat Menus in Mac OS, you can do it using MSI Afterburner.

  • If you use Afterburner for GPU overclocking, then this is a no-brainer. Otherwise, you can still get it from MSI’s website. Afterburner can be used on any computer; it doesn’t need an MSI GPU.

  • Click the gear icon in Afterburner.

  • “Set it and leave it”: you can make Afterburner start minimized with Windows.

  • Go to the Monitoring tab.
  • Check the items that you want to display and check “Show in tray icon“.

  • You can drag the icons out of the drawer to make them always visible.

  • Afterburner truncates the values by default instead of reducing significant digits, so for stuff like CPU frequency, you can turn MHz into GHz by setting a correction formula in the monitoring settings.

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