[Guide] Exporting High-Res PNGs from AutoCAD

If you don’t like how the PNGOUT command cannot export images bigger than your screen resolution, then use this method:

  • Press Ctrl-P.

  • Change the Printer/plotter to PublishToWeb PNG.pc3.
  • Click Properties.

  • Click Custom Paper Sizes and click Add.
  • Choose Start from scratch and click Next.

  • Put in your image size in pixels and click Next. 17″×11″ at 300DPI would be 5100×3300 pixels because it’s paper size multiplied by DPI.
  • Put in a name, like “17×11”. Click Next and click Finish.
  • Click OK.

  • Change the Paper size to the one you just made.

  • Change the Plot area to Extents and check Fit to paper.
  • Click Apply to Layout so you only have to repeat steps 1 and 2 from now on.
  • Click OK and save the file!
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