My AutoHotkey Script for Typing Special Characters

This is the AutoHotkey script I use to type common special characters, including Spanish accented letters, superscripts, math and science symbols. I’ve also included shortcuts to simulate the media control keys.

You can copy and paste the script, or download a precompiled version that doesn’t require AutoHotkey to run.

You can put it in %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (navigate to this quickly by running “shell:startup” in the Run box) to have it automatically run at Windows startup.

(‘!’ means Alt, ‘+’ means Shift, ‘^’ means Control, so ‘!a’ means pressing ‘Alt’ and ‘A’ together.)

;Spanish Characters
!a::sendRaw á
!e::sendRaw é
!i::sendRaw í
!o::sendRaw ó
!u::sendRaw ú
!n::sendRaw ñ
!^u::sendRaw ü
+!a::sendRaw Á
+!e::sendRaw É
+!i::sendRaw Í
+!o::sendRaw Ó
+!u::sendRaw Ú
+!n::sendRaw Ñ
+!^u::sendRaw Ü
+!?::sendRaw ¿
+!!::sendRaw ¡

!1::sendRaw ¹
!2::sendRaw ²
!3::sendRaw ³
!4::sendRaw ⁴
!5::sendRaw ⁵
!6::sendRaw ⁶
!7::sendRaw ⁷
!8::sendRaw ⁸
!9::sendRaw ⁹
!0::sendRaw ⁰

;Math operators
!x::sendRaw ×
!/::sendRaw ÷
!=::sendRaw ±
!`::sendRaw ≈
!,::sendRaw ≤
!.::sendRaw ≥

;Useful symbols
!c::sendRaw °C
!y::sendRaw ¥
!-::sendRaw —
!p::sendRaw μ
!t::sendRaw θ
!w::sendRaw ω
+!w::sendRaw Ω

;Media Controls
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