You Actually CAN Bring Your Own Android to Xfinity Mobile

Contrary to what Xfinity Mobile officially declares, you actually can bring your own Android phone (BYOD) to Xfinity Mobile. You just need an iPhone that you or a friend have laying around unused.

  1. Bring the spare iPhone to the Xfinity Store and tell them that’s the phone you’ll be using.
    1. If you’re making the switch online, enter the iPhone’s IMEI on the webpage.
  2. After the initial activation, take the SIM card out of the iPhone and insert it into your Android.

Xfinity does not have anything in place to actively block your ‘unapproved’ Android from accessing their network. Your or your friend’s iPhone will remain on their records as associated with your phone number, but you are able to use your Xfinity SIM card in any compatible phone.

There are a few caveats. The rule of thumb for whether your phone is likely is succeed is:

  1. It should be a Verizon-compatible phone. Xfinity uses Verizon’s network. If a Verizon SIM won’t work in your phone, Xfinity won’t work with it either.
  2. If your phone is similar to one that Xfinity themselves have offered, your chances are much higher.

Examples: I have been using my Galaxy S8+ (which I originally got from Sprint) this way without any problems. On the other hand, OnePlus phones on Xfinity can’t send or receive SMS.

Did this work for you? Leave a comment.

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Len Mitchell

Apparently only a select few can BYOD (Android or iPhone). Tried to follow your advise and got this message: “Unfortunately, you’re not eligible to bring your iPhone right now. Right now, we’re limiting the amount of customers who can order SIM cards.” Of course after that verbal smackdown, they provided… Read more »


So will this work on a one plus phone (particularly the one plus 7 coming out)

Don Clark

I thought it would be worth a shot (no contract) since Im fairly knowledgeable about mobile hacking. However, after inserting the SIM card in my GSM (ATT) Samsung S5, I dont see a carrier name (and it doesnt seem registered). It autopopulated a list of APNs and I tried most… Read more »

Vladimir Kursakov

As of September 2022 Xfinity Mobile appears to do IMEI authentication. Their network will prevent any device from connecting unless the IMEI matches the phone line you are activating it on (ICCID). I have tested a fully activated SIM on a fully compatible device but with a different IMEI; nothing… Read more »