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[Exam] How to create a voiceover in iMovie

iMovie is handy for making tutorials and demonstrations. If you’re like me and prefer to record video and audio separately, you’ll probably need to record voiceovers, which are soundtracks (commentary tracks) that go along with your video. Here’s how to add an voiceover – assuming you have some previous knowledge using iMovie and have created and opened a project to edit in.

1. Drag or click the play indicator to where you want to start your voiceover.

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ICT in Class

Subjects: Math

The technology: smart board, Grapher (Mac utilities)

How to use it: teacher explains questions on smart board, we use Grapher to draw functions

How to use it better: I hope there will be some app for Windows that’s similar to MyScript. MyScript apps such as MyScript Calculator (for Android/iOS) can automatically format and rearrange text and math calculations/expressions. Continue reading

10 Criteria Blog Design

  1. Entertainment: funny and nice jokes and pictures
  2. Contrast: background and text are easily distinguished
  3. Organized: clean, categories
  4. Layout: intuitive, appealing, easy to navigate
  5. Humor: humorous writing attracts people
  6. Background is cool but not messy, cool and colorful
  7. Sharing your passions: things that the author really like are actually more interesting and professional
  8. Safety: no phishing, no rumors, no spam, no offense, no personal information
  9. Detailed: in depth writing
  10. Writing: stylish posts, not boring, high level of language, not written by 1st grade student
  11. Simple: articles are straight to the point
  12. Approachable: creates a good environment for comment discussion, involves reader
  13. Header: header is relevant, and tells people immediately what it’s about
  14. Post titles: not different from post content. Not like: post title says EXO buys a house, and then post content is about how bananas are delicious.


A blog roll is a collection of links to other blogs/websites. If someone has multiple blogs, or associated blogs, a blogroll can link and organize them together.

A widget is an application interface that displays some information. For example, I use the links widget to show my blogroll and classmates’ blogs, on the right of my blog page.

The Use of a Blog has ads. The more popular a blog becomes, the more companies want to advertise on it and therefore pay to the blogger. This is one of the ways in which AndroidPolice earns money

People can also use blog to promote their business. For example, in the TV show “2 Broke Girls”, they had a website/blog  to tell other people about their cupcake shop. People could order on it.

Because I’m just a student now, I don’t need to make money (at least that’s not my biggest concern). All I want to do is tell people my thoughts and idea, so I think that’s what I’m going to do with my blog.