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iWinBoard: AutoHotkey Script to Make Apple Keyboard Work Better with Windows

iWinBoard is an AutoHotkey script that remaps certain keys on the Apple Keyboard to make it work better in Windows. This is useful for you if you use an Apple Keyboard with a Windows PC, such as a Hackintosh. This script works best with English Apple Keyboards.

Installation and Usage:

  1. Download iWinBoard. Alternatively, you can use the original uncompiled AHK script with AutoHotkey.
  2. You can simply run the EXE, but you should put the EXE file in %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup so the script will autostart with Windows.
  3. Restart your computer or manually launch the script.

Many thanks to mattheath and davejamesmiller for inspirational code!

Warning if you want to copy the code: the annotations contain Unicode characters, make sure you use UTF-8. Continue reading

Relaunch: a Simple, 1-Click App to Reset Launchpad


Size: 1.3MB (1,339,182 bytes)

  • The app is barebone simple; most of the file size comes from the full-size icon file. Relaunch contains absolutely no junk and unnecessary content at all.

Function: resets your LaunchPad layout.


  1. Double click the Relaunch app to open it. (Okay, I lied on this post’s title. Technically it takes TWO clicks to perform the action [facepalm].)
  2. Relaunch automatically resets your LaunchPad layout and quits itself.

Compatibility: tested on OS X Yosemite 10.10.1. Please report in the comments whether it works elsewhere.

Developer: Brad Ling (I simply used Script Editor to create this app. I know, I know.) I just got tired of entering the command in Terminal every time I clean up my LaunchPad, so I made this handy-dandy tool.