Expand /data partition on Mobifox A5


The Problem:

You have not enough space to install as much apps on the Mobifox A5 as you wish.

The Explanation:

The Mobifox A5 has 16GB of storage, but only 1GB is allocated for the /data partition, which stores the user’s applications and app data.

The Solution:

MaxP101 on chinaphonearena.com kindly made this app that can modify your partition table (enlarge your data partition) with a single tap. The original post is here.

The correct version that we need to use for our Mobifox A5 is here:

MediaFire or Dev Host

1. Back up everything you need from your phone. The procedures hereafter involve doing a factory reset.

2. Download and install the apk on your A5. This needs root to work.

3. Open the app and you will see several options:


4. Choose how big you want your /data partition to be. Keep in mind that the bigger the /data partition for storing apps, the smaller the /sdcard partition for storing pictures, videos etc. I chose 4GB because I thought that was a good balance.

5. After selecting to resize the partitions, “Reboot into Recovery“.

6. You will see an Android with an exclamation mark. Don’t panic! Just press the camera button and the menu will show up.

7. Use the volume keys to move your selection. Press the power button to select. Select “wipe data/factory reset“.

8. Choose “yes – delete all user data“.

9. After the wipe is finished, “reboot system now“. Your phone is restored to default state, and you’ll have a few extra GB of space to store your apps.

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