Disable Local Dimming on Samsung QN85A

Caveat: you may need to set the Device Type of your source to “PC” for this to work.

  1. To use your smartphone as a remote, install the SmartThings app and add the TV into it.
  2. Press “🔇 1️⃣  1️⃣  9️⃣  🆗”. The service menu should appear.
  3. Press 1️⃣  2️⃣  3️⃣  4️⃣  to make the advanced menus appear.
  4. Go to “Option” → “Production Option“.
  5. Turn off “PC Mode Dimming Support“.
  6. To exit the Service Menu, turn the TV off and back on.

Thanks to u/will_work_for_vinyl for their slightly difference instructions which inspired mine.

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