[Exam] How to create a voiceover in iMovie

iMovie is handy for making tutorials and demonstrations. If you’re like me and prefer to record video and audio separately, you’ll probably need to record voiceovers, which are soundtracks (commentary tracks) that go along with your video. Here’s how to add an voiceover – assuming you have some previous knowledge using iMovie and have created and opened a project to edit in.

1. Drag or click the play indicator to where you want to start your voiceover.

2. On the menu bar, go for “Window” and choose “Record Voiceover”. This will reveal a toolbar with 3 buttons, under your video preview.

3. When you’re ready, click on the microphone button to start recording, and click it again when you’re finished recording.

4. Now there’s a track on top of your video timeline. You can cut it, move it, and edit the track.

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