HE400i EQ: Back to Basics

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After a year of listening to my HE400i with the previous equalizer settings I made, I decided to use a less aggressive version that only corrects the obnoxious treble peaks and compensates for the sub-bass deficiency.

Measurements and Correction

As always, the greatest appreciation goes to Solderdude at diyaudioheaven.wordpress.com. Just like last time, the measurements come straight from Solderdude’s home-made measuring rid, which I find exceedingly accurate. Check out his measurement methodology here and join the conversation at the DIYAH forum.

I averaged the left and right frequency responses and focused only on the frequency response since it is a Fourier transform of the impulse response.

Using only 4 filters this time.

Listening Impressions

While this correction is not intended to make the frequency response as quantitatively flat as possible, it does sound more natural to me. It still sounds unmistakably like a HE400i, just without the annoyance of the bass roll-off and the treble peak. Your perception may vary, due to reasons listed by Solderdude here.

Perhaps I should have listened to his advice earlier!


Use this text file in Equalizer APO (right click, save as).

Use these convolver files for ViPER4Android, Equalizer APO, Foobar, or other convolvers. Pick the one with your DAC’s sample rate.

For other parametric equalizers, use these filters:

Peak       Freq=20Hz    Gain=1.5dB  Q=1.8
Low Shelf  Freq=60Hz    Gain=7dB
Low Shelf  Freq=300Hz   Gain=1dB
Peak       Freq=8600Hz  Gain=-8dB   Q=4
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Hi! When I try to use the wav files for the foobar convolver I get this error: “Could not initialize convolver (Unsupported format or corrupted file)”. Can you help me with this? Thanks in advance!


I get the same error as Staffador using these convolver files with the foobar convolver component. However I went back to your earlier post and those convolver files do work so there is something different with these impulse response files than the ones you previously posted for your earlier EQ… Read more »


Hi Im very grateful for these settings. I am trying to copy this manually using an au eq plug on osx (Audirvana > Nova). I just wanted to ask what q value I should use for the shelfs (mine are set at 0.7)? Also do you advise to eq down… Read more »


I am also in the same boat as Staffador and mrdave witt the issue regarding foobar.


Thank you so much. It works just fine. Finally can listen to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker March without falling of the chair when cymbals hits.