HE400i EQ Correction using Rtings Data


I found a frequency response measurement of the HE400i that is more accurate than the ones I previously used in my equalizer settings. I discovered a way to extract the graph data from Rtings.com. Rtings.com has measurements of lots of headphones, and their methodology is one of the most accurate. So, I imported their data into Room EQ Wizard and created an equalizer profile to correct the frequency response of my HiFiMan HE400i.

Measurements and Correction

I came up with the filters manually. I’m choosing not to boost the troughs or over-correct the treble to prevent side effects that arise when any particular listener’s ears don’t exactly match this graph.

Handling the Target Response

Rtings, taking advice from the Harman target curve, incorporated a 4dB bass boost into their target frequency response. This, according to Harman International’s research, is what “most” listeners prefer. However, to take that subjective preference out and get even closer to true neutrality, I simply added a -4dB low-shelf at 100Hz to eliminate that artificial bass hump.

Listening Impressions

Everything sounds very natural and neutral, more so than my previous EQ attempt. I don’t hear any sibilance anymore. The bass roll-off sounds completely fixed, or at least counteracted much more than in previous EQ attempts. Bass texture and definition is much better with the bass hump excluded from the target response.


Peak       18Hz      7.0 dB  Q=0.800
Low-shelf  110 Hz    4.0 dB
Low-shelf  1200 Hz  -2.0 dB
Peak       3250 Hz  -2.0 dB  Q=2.500
Peak       7000 Hz  -4.0 dB  Q=3.500
Peak       9500 Hz  -6.0 dB  Q=2.500
Low-shelf  100 Hz   -4.0 dB

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Philip Nguyen

Thanks so much for sharing this! I agree, this new EQ makes the he400i sound much more natural (especially for vocals). I’ve used your settings as a platform to EQ the headphones to my music / tastes. It’s been a pleasure seeing this EQ evolve over time and hearing your… Read more »

Michael Gilbert

The low frequency roll-off on my HE400i headphones drives me nuts. I’ve been playing around with equalization curves to compensate, and will try these when I get home. One question, though… Don’t we need to add a command to the Equalizer APO file to lower the gain, to avoid clipping?… Read more »

Massimo Fantinato

Hi, please can you tell me how did you import the data from rtings? I need to make a eq settings for my game zero headset

Lloyd Banerjee

This looks great! I am using Aurdirvana, and have the Room Eq plugin installed, how do I generate the necessary file to load into the eq plugin?

Many thanks!

salim sm

keren …. thanks !
so far worked better than the other eq settings found elsewhere

salim sm

keren …. thanks !

worked very well compared to other eq settings found elsewhere.
tried this on a 2020 version with new headband model.

Sebastien Dautin

he400i 2020 ?