Huawei Revises MateBook X Pro with Speaker Distortion Remedy

Previously, the Huawei MateBook X Pro’s speakers would produce distortion because they rattled against the laptop body. As shown in this unit purchased in November, Huawei has addressed this issue by putting small pieces of foam underneath the speakers. Is this because they saw my original post, where I both pointed out the issue and introduced this very solution? We may never know.

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Would be really interesting to know if they also did something to the Touchpad Rattle and if so, how to recognise the revised models.
I just returned my brand new Matebook x pro because of the touchpad rattle. It was so terrible, that the paper trick didnt fix it.

carl janson

Well, Huawei have probably been annoyed by this themselves, and they have surely seen your page, as I have. It would have been a gesture of kindness from Huawei, had they saluted your corrective action, thus they would have stood out of the crowd of vendors that never do that.… Read more »

nancy l

My Matebook worked a treat within the warranty period, then suddenly the distortion appeared. Thought I’d blown a speaker but I’m so happy I found your hack instead. My distortion was at frequencies around 200-500Hz. I opened the laptop (used your tutorial for this – thanks!) to discover that my… Read more »