iMessage for Android

World-shocking news! Both iOS and Android users (WP users get lost for now), listen up! An actually functioning app called iMessage Chat came up on Google Play, and it brings iMessage service to Android! That’s right, it actually works. It’s not a fake app, and I am in no way associated with any creator of this app, but I got to say it’s awesome! (It even has emoji)

But why should you care? Well…

Although it’s not the most polished and beautiful and best experience app out there, it brings the two ecosystems closer, in fact bonding them. I’m in a school full of iSheep. Lot of my best friends use iPhones. 90% of the teachers use iPhones. Even the principle uses an iPhone. My MOM uses an iPhone. Even I, in shame, have an iPad from before. However I AM A HARDCORE ANDROID FAN. This app will make it much more convenient for me to contact people with iMessage right on my Android.

KNEES down to Daniel Zweigart and HuLuWa Team


Things that I would love to see:

  • Better contacts integration
  • Holo UI – every Android dev should be proud of Android and its interface, instead of simulating iOS UI
  • Native sharing integration (like from Gallery)

I should shut up now, here is the Google Play link:

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Mr. Deric
Mr. Deric
8 years ago

Great discovery! Keep up the good work. I found your post very interesting. 🙂