All About the iOS 7 Jailbreak

Yesterday, the Evad3rs team have released an official jailbreak for all devices running iOS 7.0.x, called Evasi0n7.

Right of the bat, there are some compatibility issues with almost all tweaks and Mobile Substrate itself: Mobile Substrate needs to be reactivated by a reinstall after every reboot.

Other than that, I already have some tweaks up and running, including KillBackground7, Activator (beta from Harlem Shake (icons not shaking). And root-permitted apps like MobileTerminal and iFile are working as well. Redmond Pie has composed this Google Docs spreadsheet of iOS7-compatible tweaks.

Now, there has been a frenzy on Sina Weibo from Chinese users who used Evasi0n7. Instead of seeing just Cydia, they were also presented with another “weird” app on their home screen: 太极 Tai-G.

For all users who already jailbreaked and have this: stay away from this app, because it’s full of piracy and already messed up many people’s devices. If you haven’t yet jailbreaked, MAKE SURE you set your language and region ON YOUR COMPUTER to US or UK or wherever outside of China – because this Chinese app from this Chinese company is targeted at Chinese users only. (Luckily I wasn’t effected because despite being a Chinese user, my Mac was always set to English (US).

According to the Evad3rs, the Tai-G supported them with a $ “6-digit number”, in order to have their app bundled with the jailbreak. Due to the massive amount of reports from users, the Evad3rs team have announced on Twitter to remove Tai-G from Evasi0n7 altogether. It turned out that Tai-G has cheated the Evad3rs by covering up their piracy.

Download Evasi0n from the Evad3rs’ official website. All credits go to the Evad3rs, Saurik, and many other people for their hard work and for making all this possible.

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