Fix MateBook X Pro Fingerprint Reader After Windows Reinstall

The Problem

When setting up Windows Hello, you can’t get past the first prompt to touch the fingerprint sensor.

The Solution

Download these drivers from Huawei’s website and install them in this order:

  1. Chipset > “MateBook_X_Pro_Chipset”
  2. Others > “MateBook_X_Pro_SerialIO”
  3. Others > “MateBook_X_Pro_ME”
  4. Security > “MateBook_X_Pro_SGX”
  5. Fingerprint > “MateBook_X_Pro_Fingerprint”
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Daniel Goncalves

Hey Brad, my apologies if this is not best place for this question but couldn’t find an e-mail to get in touch.. I live in Thailand and the Matebook X Pro hasn’t been released here yet so I am planning to buy it in China in a couple of weeks… Read more »


Hey Brad,
Thank you for posting this thread!

Since Huawei only allows to install drivers through Huawei Device Manager now, I have a problem to install these recommended drivers in given order. Can you please help me to solve this issue?


Yannik Yo

It worked, thank you so much!


Worked great for me! Thanks!!


Worked for me as well – did a fresh install of the latest Win 10 ISO and my fingerprint sensor wouldn’t work regardless of having the latest drivers installed by Huawei’s PC Manager. Went through the list included here one by one and it worked. I did NOT reboot between… Read more »

Daniel Goncalves

Yes agree with you about the warranty, don’t think it will be void after reinstalling Windows.
Anyways I decided to try and just bought it, now I have to change the language from Chinese to English, do you mind sharing how you did that?

Working perfect!

Unmi Park

Wow this is a godsend, literally have spent forever trying to find a solution and this worked. Thank you!


Worked perfectly!
Also this approach brought in Hardware Check, which was missing before in Huawei’s PC-Manager after Windows 10 clean install.


I’ve tried this several times. Does not work for me. Sensor was working fine with the default Win 10 Home, but when I wiped it to install Win 10 Pro – gone and I cannot get it to come back :/ The hardware itself is conflicted in device manager. Code… Read more »

Matti Sedel

The Intel ME link doesnt seem to work. I couldnt find any Intel ME drivers on the huawei link


Thanks for this!


Hey, thanks for alle your work. It’s unfortunately not working for me. I downloaded all the driver´s, and just installed them in the order. I did not uninstalled them before. Could it be that im doing something wrong ? My matebook i5 / mx150 is running on Windows 10 ver.… Read more »


This is not working with me 🙁 anyone else?

Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763

James Tam

Just tried to follow instuctions but no luck 🙁


works great, thnx.


I had troubles with the fingerprint as well recently. The guide did work in August 2018, but in December i couldn’t get the fingerprint scanner working again after another clean install. This time i had to manually update the Intel SGX driver in the Windows devide manager: In the device… Read more »


it works thanks


i can’t use my fingerprint.I followed the guide but it doesnt work,in device manager the pc does not check the fingerprint,is an unkown device.How can i resolve?


I could not find the drivers in the website , any help ?


Same problem here :-(… got a Matebook D i5 and with a Windows Reinstall fingerprint doesn’t work… tried to follow the guide “clean” and also with PC Manager installed and unfortunately is does not work. Can’t find fingerprint driver though – but according to device manager it seems okay? It… Read more »


I had the same problem for my Huawei Matebook D i5. By downloading the same drives in that order also solved the problem for me. I just downloaded the driver for my model at: Even though all the drivers were up to date, you still need to download them… Read more »

Oliver Badstue

This is happening to my MateBook D (14 Intel) (VLT-WX50) aswell, but I can’t seem to find the individual drivers? Anybody got a link or something?


Thanks a lot, mate, I was so frustrated! How did you know this solution?

Saud Alfurhud.

thank you very much you save me


Hey, thank You SO much! i thougt i´d go crazy.
I got the Matebook x, not the pro, but theses drivers for the pro worked for me.
Thank you!


Worked great for me right now after weeks looking for a solution but to no avail….so, thank you so much.

Xavier Miranda

This didn’t work for me, but updating to the latest windows release did (build 4019 I think). When I booted in the newest version fingerprint worked and keyboard didn’t, but I disabled fingerprint, rebooted, then reenabled it and everything worked.


It worked, thank you so much!

Bruno Garcilazo

I did this twice already and nothing. Windows Hello keeps saying that my device isn’t compatible.


Thanks a lot from south of france, works for me!!!
I was so stupid to waste some hours to find issues in french language befor realize that maybe only 3% of informations are in french on web, thanks again!!


work fine in matebook x pro 2018


GREAT! Works fine! Thank you so much. ED


Thanks man


Remake Windows Login PIN!

Yehuda Mivasair

Hi, forgive my ingorance… Would you please explain how you update each of the drivers? In device manager I don’t see anything called Chipset. And when I download the drivers from Huawei site they are in .asc format which I don’t know what to do with. I would really appreciate… Read more »

Pierre Lpt

It’s work for me but iI had to find each drivers separately elsewhere, here are the links:

IntelChipset > “MateBook_X_Pro_Chipset” :
Others > “MateBook_X_Pro_SerialIO” :
Others > “MateBook_X_Pro_ME” :
Security > “MateBook_X_Pro_SGX” :
Fingerprint > “MateBook_X_Pro_Fingerprint” :

Floyd Malope

Thank you so much, it worked wonders after I’ve tried almost everything on the net.thank you so much


Thanks, Brad! Your tip worked for me. In fact, you did what Huawei’s ‘support’ could not do after an hour of trying. Thanks again – from London, UK.

Eric Joseph Lincoln

You are the best! I had to re-install and the warranty is out, but you saved the day sir!

abdelkafi abdellah

thank you very match! i love you bro you are the best thanks keep up

Vidar Christensen

Didi not work for me, but entering BIOS and enabeling “fingerprint” made it work. Try it! Just hit F2 during boot and find “fingerprint”.

Tommaso Benatti

Tnx dude you changed my day!


FINALLY! After countless attempts, I found this solution! This worked perfectly for my Huawei Matebook d14 (vlt-w50). I just downloaded the drivers corresponding to my laptop and installed them in the same order without rebooting in between. When I rebooted after installing all of the drivers it WORKED! Thanks a… Read more »


Thank a lot Brad! It helped me. I installed the software in the same order, did not even restart the machine. It started working!


I was previously using my fingerprint on my workaccount and now after a clean install i want to use it on my private account. I got the fingerprint working with your help, but is says my fingerprint is already in use. I cant reenter m workaccount because I dont work… Read more »

Clinton Hallahan

Hey, this worked for me in January 2020. Thanks very much.


Hello Brad, Thanks for the tip but unfortunately it did not work for me. Running Windows pro 2004 v19041.173. Applied all the drivers in good order, rebooted at the end. Also tried with intermediate rebbot after each driver installation. Sine Windows version 1909, The fingerprint sensor often doesen’t recognize anything… Read more »


I used Pierre’s links it worked thanks

Kirill Pletnev

Sad but no luck with the topic on 2004.
Several reinstall of Home and Pro with PC Manager or manually in the right order.
Setup windows just immediately closed right after I press Set up button.

Last edited 3 years ago by Kirill Pletnev

thanks it worked


Thank you for getting straight to the point. Great tutorial.

Homer Simpson

Worked perfectly


SOLVED: TLDR: Fresh install Windows 10 1803 and don’t connect to internet. Disable Windows update and install PC Manager. Run Update/Check Drivers/Optimize in PC Manager and let it install everything. After a restart or two, setup fingerprint. Enable Windows Update and do whatever. Long: Do a fresh install of Windows… Read more »

anonymous guy

fixed it for me, thanks again

wong seng yong

It works! Awsome! mine is 2018 Matebook X pro

Joost Burgers

Amazing! This worked.


you are more efficace than the huawie sttaf of incompeten, thank you a lot


worked for me also! Thanks! Also have you any solution to solve camera not work? Essentially the same problem is happening for me but the camera drivers are not present. Thanks in advance.


Excellent, This solution fixed the fingerprint reader in Windows 11 Pro Ver 21H2 on my MateBook X 2018

Thank you very much!!!


It worked. Thanks a lot.

Lee F

Worked perfectly on a newly-installed Windows 11 OS (Matebook X Pro i7 2018). I skipped the ME driver install but it still worked like a charm. Created a Restore Point before I did it just in case.


I can confirm this works for Windows 11 too. Thanks a ton.


thank you. really works. really appreciated.

Marcelo Catherino

Thank you… After 4 years your solution is still working. This is the second time I use it.


Hi, this post did save my day. I manage to recover my finger access..
thank you very much

Francois Beya

Much love for this sorted me right out

Rafael K.

INFO: FOR HUAWEI MATEBOOK X (2017) Go to the Matebook X PRO Support Site (Huawei) Download there “Chipset”, “SerialIO”, “ME” (Driver on page 3, not FW), “SGX” Go to Matebook X Support Site (Huawei) Download there just the “Fingerprint (409)” Driver Install in the right Order…. Reboot after all 5… Read more »

Ahmed Jassim

Worked Perfectly, beentrying everything since I my last PC reset, thank you so much.


hello, i have the same problem with my matebook 14s 2023. Can I use the same drivers ?

Okun Elya

Thanks This helps alot!


This still works thank you so much! Fixed the fingerprint sensor on my Matebook X Pro 2018 running Windows 11.