MateBook X Pro Touchpad Rattle Fix

The Problem

Your Huawei MateBook X Pro’s touchpad (or trackpad) feels loose, and it rattles or wobbles up and down when you tap on it. You are able to depress the touchpad surface without it actually clicking. In other words, there is play or slack in the touchpad.


[tabs][tab title=”Recommended Paper Method”]

Simply insert a piece of paper under each of these metal tabs. If you need help opening the bottom lid, watch the video below.

Thanks to everyone in the MateBook community who helped these solutions evolve! (See the original, primitive touchpad fix here.)

[/tab] [tab title=”Permanent Method”]

You can also hammer down the tabs to the right tolerance. This method gives you the most control over how tight you want the touchpad to be, and the most consistency of feel.


The ID card is to support the touchpad from underneath, or else you’d just be hammering the chassis.


The Cause

Practically all MateBook X Pros have a loose touchpad. 62% of users in this survey reported having this problem. I believe the other 38% simply did not notice it or see it as a problem, since it is a subjective issue.

The touchpad’s looseness is caused by the excessive clearance between the touchpad and the chassis. During assembly, the touchpad is slotted into the chassis and a machine presses down the two metal tabs to secure it in place. The touchpad’s “upper limit” of travel is where the tabs touch the chassis. Its “lower limit” is where the tactile switch bottoms out. A perfectly tight touchpad actuation requires the upper limit to coincide with the tactile switch’s resting/undepressed/up position, so that there is no slack. However, because the metal tabs are not pressed in far enough, they leave a gap where the touchpad can travel down without yet actuating the tactile switch.

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Hi Brad, I tried this but did not seem to work. I probably did not put the paper in between the right layers? Could you post more description, or better yet more pictures or a video? Thanks!


I have the same issue. Love the notebook. I think it fits my needs better than my xps 9550. Besides the rattling track pad, I haven’t had any issues. I will be trying this mod this weekend, sometime. I will try to post some pictures.


Hey Brad did you have to rip off the rubber feet in order to open the back of the Huawei laptop? I know you had to remove the rubber feet on the old one in order to access the back panel.


Hello Brad,

I tried this fix and seem to log sensitivity when clicking and especially click when dragging upward to near the top of the touchpad. Is that par for the course for this fix?

Olle Jönsson


Will this void the guarantee? Also, is this a problem for all the matebooks or is it just some of them that has this problem?


I just did this last night and it was easy. Just take your time when taking off the backplate since the clips could potentially break. Also I slid three pieces of paper in and that seemed to do the trick for me. Great read, great video. I’m glad I found… Read more »


Could you please show us in a video how you’ve opened the back of your MXP? I’m a bit worried that I break something inside, but that rattle drives me crazy and your fix seems the only solution for it. Hope it’s not a big problem for you! 😉 Thx… Read more »


Hello, what screwdriver did you use to take it apart? It looks like a hex screw but not sure what type/size?


Thank You. I did things exactly as shown in tutorial and now it’s working perfectly! The sound of clicking is different, but getting rid of annoying rattling makes up for it 🙂

Joe See

Brad, I stumbled across your website here looking for ways to fix the trackpad. I tried the paper under the long skinny circuit board like you did, but it then made it very hard to press in the center of the trackpad. I tore the laptop cover back off and… Read more »


Brad, thank you!! My Matebook X Pro finally feels premium without the rattling touch pad. Your “easy paper method” worked like a charm. The “overall best method” using aluminum foil beneath the metal tabs didn’t work for me.


Hi Brad, Nice method for stopping the rattle. Another big issue that bother me is the awful palm rejection of the MXP. The pointer is actually moving around as I type these words down I’m not sure whether it just me that encounter this or it’s a universal problem, but… Read more »


Hi Brad, you could also fix the rattling by eliminating the root cause. The route cause is the gab between the switch and the touchpad itself. This gap is created by the spring, which is pushing the touchpad up against its endstops. The endstops are those little metal hooks between… Read more »


Hi Brad, I’ve applied the permanent method and used for a while, but recently the trackpad has been making a strange sharp noise if I click one side of it, also, I found that a small piece of stuff has stuck between the metal plate and the green PCB of… Read more »


Hi Brad, I had already read your mods/fixes and when I received my laptop I didn’t really notice the touchpad rattle until one evening I sat in a quiet room just scrolling through some webpages. Everytime I touched the pad there was this little noice of the play it had.… Read more »


I thought i was going crazy noticing this and because you cannot find this notebook in a retail store I had no way to compare. Thanks


Brad, I applied most of your hacks to my Matebook X Pro, but had a few issues since this was my first project of this sort. The first, (which should be easily fixible) is that I broke the connector for the Wifi antenna. I ended up soddering the tip back… Read more »


Hi Brad! So this trackpad problem is a manufacturing defect and can it cause problems? Or is it completely normal and just annoying? Thank you very much!