Simple Laptop Cooling Stand with 200mm Noctua Fan


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I assembled the two sides of the stand inside-out to make room for the fan.

I hung the fan from the stand using 2 segments of string.

I angled the fan backwards to make the air flow across the bottom of the laptop.

The USB switch allows me to easily turn the fan off.

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My MateBook X Pro can sustain 2.1GHz on the desk for 5 minutes before shutting off due to VRM overheating (working on solving that right now), but this stand allows it to sustain 2.7GHz indefinitely. As a bonus, I removed the bottom lid altogether and just let the Noctua blow on the laptop’s heatsink directly. No thermal throttling at all anymore. 3.7GHz on all 4 cores. I might just use that when my laptop’s staying on the desk for a long time.

MateBook X Pro, CPU+GPU full load for 10 minutes, on desk.

MateBook X Pro, CPU+GPU full load for 10 minutes, on stand with fan on.

The biggest benefit of using the Noctua fan instead of lower-quality off-the-shelf laptop coolers is that the former is much quieter.

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Hey Brad – is this more efficient than the ones that they sell on Amazon?


This is awesome, thanks for sharing!

While your particular Amazon link doesn’t work any more, similar stands may still be found on various Amazon stores:


I was thinking, is there a way to recreate the bottom lid with a latch. When travelling you could use the bottom lid, when at home it could be easily detatched.

I guess a cheap way would be to just not rescrew the bottom on..