Prevent Installation of a Specific Driver WITHOUT Group Policy

You can prevent Windows from automatically installing or updating a specific device or driver using the “Prevent installation of devices that match any of these device IDs” Group Policy, but what if you’re using Windows 10 Home and don’t have Group Policy Editor? You can do the same thing using Registry Editor.

  • For convenience, we can edit this template REG file to our needs and install it, instead of manually creating each registry in Registry Editor.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the REG file, right click on it and Edit. We’re going to replace the Device ID in the template with the correct Device ID of your device.

  • In Device Manager, right click on the device and go to its Properties.

  • Go to the Details tab, and view the Hardware Ids.

  • Right click on the hardware ID and Copy it.

  • Paste it into the Device ID.

  • Delete rows of extra Device IDs you don’t need. If you’re doing this for only one device, delete rows 2 through 10.

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