100×9×1mm Copper Heat Pipe


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This heat pipe contains a phase-change fluid and sintered powder to provide an extremely high heat transfer rate.

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Thickness: 1mm
Width: 9mm
Length: 100mm
Material: copper
Wick type: sintered powder
Use cases: cooling of laptops, tablets, etc.
This heat pipe is used in popular laptop mods like the MateBook X Pro cooling mods on BradsHacks.com. We previously resorted to 7mm-wide heat pipes by Wakefield-Vette from DigiKey.com, which were $12 each. Now these here perform better because they are wider, and are less than half the price.

This heat pipe is made of a hollow copper shell. The inside is lined with sintered powder wick, which is the best-performing type of wick. Many other heat pipes sold have inferior wire braid or groove wicks.
Also inside is a working fluid, which is a liquid that vaporizes when subject to heat. The vapor diffuses to cooler areas along the pipe, where it condenses again, moving lots of heat there in the process. The wick carries the condensed liquid back to the hot end via capillary action to continually cycle through the process.
These characteristics make a heat pipe like this the best solution for transferring lots of heat from one place to another.

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Weight1 g
Dimensions10 × 1 × 1 cm
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Do you have these? I’m trying to mod my matebook and this one is recommended from your guide 🙂