Airbag Simulator for Toyota Sienna 90980-12697


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This dongle simulates the presence of an airbag when plugged into a 4th-generation Toyota Sienna (2021-). Use these when removing the 2nd-row seats.



This dongle simulates the presence of an airbag when plugged into a 4th-generation Toyota Sienna (2021-), or any other Toyota that uses a 90980-12698 connector for SRS airbags. It has been tested with a 2021 Sienna, and your success may vary with a different vehicle. Inside it is a 2.2Ω resistor, which gets recognized “as an airbag” by the car. This gets rid of the airbag warning messages when the 2nd-row seats are removed. You will need 2 dongles if removing 2 seats.

Positive Locking

The dongle imitates Toyota’s 90980-12697 male connector for perfect compatibility with the 90980-12698 female connector. It has positive-locking: push the connector in, and it will self-lock. It can only be pulled out when the female connector’s white tab is pressed. This design prevents accidental disconnections by children, vibrations, or clumsy handling.

Heat & UV Resistance

The dongle’s shell is 3D-printed from polycarbonate (PC), which is a strong and tough plastic that can endure high temperatures and UV radiation. These attributes make it durable for use in cars, including those parked outside in hot weather.

Spill Resistance

The dongle creates a watertight seal with the 90980-12698 female connector, protecting the connection from liquid ingress.

Convenient Ergonomics

The rear of the dongle has a knurled grip that makes it easy to grip and unplug without any tools. It is a convenient solution for people who frequently remove and reinstall the 2nd-row seats in the 4th-gen Sienna.


You are modifying the SRS airbag system at your own risk. I am not responsible for any injury, death, or loss resulting from improper use. Even though I’m confident about my product’s technical function, I cannot guarantee that your insurance company will cover an accident when such modifications are in place. Revert your system before sending your car in for any under-warranty service.


Ships same business day (if order is placed before 4PM pacific time) via USPS First Class. Arrives in 1-3 business days to US locations, and 1-2 weeks to other countries. For quicker shipping options, use my eBay page for the same product and choose Priority Mail or Fedex Priority Overnight during checkout.

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  1. Hello, i intend to remove only the middle left seat and the small middle seat as well (8 passengers config). In this case I assume i only need one dongle. Is this correct?

  2. Excellent job on showing how to remove the seats safely. Beautiful job on creating the housing for the resistor.

    I have a major concern on how Toyota has a $1,000 handicap incentive which typically requires removing the seats for those in wheelchairs. This is the oxymoron that big business and government projects under the guise of safety. They should have put in a bypass switch or given it as an option.

    The Toyota corporation emphatically informed me that doing this voids the warranty which I find insulting. Thanks for coming up with the videos and the work around.

    1. Did Toyota specify whether they would void the warranty for the whole vehicle? This sounds like a potential violation of the Magnuson-Moss warranty act, and it sounds like them scaring customers from taking control over their vehicles. I have sold these dongles to 3 different Toyota dealerships now (in California, in Wyoming, and Ontario), and one of them has already gotten back to me saying it’s worked well in their customer’s car.

      I’ve had a chassis noise fixed, scheduled maintenance done, and another window noise fixed all under warranty at a Toyota dealership since using the dongle. I handed over my Sienna with the seats reconnected and nobody could tell I messed with the vehicle, but I doubt they looked.

      In any case, I recommend owners to remove the dongle and reconnect the seats when getting under-warranty service, especially work related to the seats, airbags, or electrical/electronic systems.

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