Airbag Simulator/Emulator for Toyota & Lexus


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This dongle emulates the presence of an airbag when plugged into a 4th-generation Toyota Sienna (2021-). Use these when removing the 2nd-row seats.

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These dongles simulate the presence of a 2.2Ω airbag or seatbelt pretensioner, to help filter out false-positive airbag warnings when seats are removed, when plugged into a Toyota/Lexus/Scion that uses the following connectors:

Dongle StyleFloor-Side Receptacle
Seat-Side Plug

(The connector part number is embossed finely on the connector.)

Which dongle(s) does my car need?

Check the connectors at your seats to confirm accuracy before ordering! Email me if the table has any error.

*Removing a Front Seat?

Front Seat Instructions

In most vehicles, the front seats contain additional electronics such as occupancy sensors, seat belt sensor, and/or seat position sensor. If these are disconnected, the vehicle may show an airbag error even if the airbag itself has been simulated with a dongle. Therefore, in addition to using an airbag simulator, you may need to do the following, depending on your vehicle.

Front Driver SeatFront Passenger Seat
RemoveExtract from the original seat and keep connected the seat position sensor. In most Toyotas, the seat belt buckle switch can be left disconnected because it is open circuit when buckled.Extract from the original seat and keep connected the occupant classification ECU (black box under seat) and the 4 weight sensors bolted to each corner of the seat base. In most Toyotas, the seat belt buckle switch can be left disconnected because it is open circuit when buckled.
Replace with aftermarketTo ensure the driver airbag deploys correctly, measure the seat position sensor's resistance or other electrical characteristics before removing the original seat. Make sure these characteristics are preserved with the new seat, such as by mechanically setting the sensor's position, or by simulating it with a resistor. These characteristics vary among different vehicle models, so you may want to consult a technician or the Toyota Technical Information System for your specific situation.Do the above, and if you want the passenger airbag to remain activated, bolt the weight sensors to the new seat's base such that the "pass airbag" light indicates "on" whenever a passenger is seated. These sensors' characteristics vary among different vehicle models, so you may want to consult a technician or the Toyota Technical Information System for your specific situation.


Ensuring Safety

“SRS Airbag System Malfunction”: the car doesn’t specify whether it’s the seat you removed, or a real problem with another airbag. Use this dongle to filter out false positives and have the error appear only when there’s an actual malfunction.

Positive Locking

Push the connector in, and it self-locks. It can only be pulled out when the female connector’s white tab is pressed. This design prevents accidental disconnections by children, pets, vibrations, etc.

Heat & UV Resistance

3D-printed from polycarbonate (PC), a strong and tough plastic that can endure high temperatures and UV radiation.

Spill Resistance

The round dongle creates a watertight seal with Toyota’s 12698 female connector, protecting the connection from liquid ingress.

(The square dongle lacks this feature because Toyota’s 11886 connector has no gasket.)

Convenient Ergonomics

The rear of the dongle has a knurled grip that makes it easy to grip and unplug without any tools. It’s convenient for those who frequently remove and reinstall the 2nd-row seats in the 4th-gen Sienna.



Special thanks to Eric & Diane for providing me access to a 2022 Sienna for testing!


  • Camper van conversion
  • Wheelchair-accessible van conversion
  • Cargo/utility van conversion
  • Hearse conversion
  • Transporting pets
  • Moving furniture
  • Racing seat installation
  • SRS diagnostics


You are making changes to the SRS airbag system at your own risk. I am not responsible for any injury, death, or loss resulting from improper use. This product should only be used when a seat is removed; not to substitute a missing, malfunctioning or deployed airbag.


Made in California, USA; shipping worldwide. Orders are shipped next-business-day. See shipping time estimates at the checkout page.


Do I need airbag simulators to remove 3rd row seats?No, because the 3rd row seats don't contain airbags.
Does it work for [another model]?Only if your vehicle has the exact same yellow connectors as shown at the top of this page. If in doubt, email to
• vehicle model & year
• what modification you're doing to the vehicle
• which seat or airbag is being removed
• photos of the connectors
Will this void my vehicle's warranty?It depends on your country. Under 15 U.S. Code § 2302 enacted by the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act, the manufacturer cannot deny warranty service because of a user modification unless they can prove that the mod caused the problem for which the user is demanding repair. For example, Toyota may not refuse warrantying the engine when you've modified the seats, since those are unrelated.
Does the airbag warning mean ALL airbags are not working? Does removing 2nd-row seats also disable front airbags?Airbag Control Modules are not designed to disable all airbags when some airbags are disconnected. However, since the airbag warning message doesn't specify WHICH airbag is malfunctioning, it's dangerous to assume there is no other airbag problem whenever the warning light is on. Using an airbag simulator for the removed seat filters out these false positives and allows you to detect when there is a real malfunction.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in

Round Plug, Square Plug, Legacy Plug

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gaetan lauzier

Hello, i intend to remove only the middle left seat and the small middle seat as well (8 passengers config). In this case I assume i only need one dongle. Is this correct?

Terry Thone

Excellent job on showing how to remove the seats safely. Beautiful job on creating the housing for the resistor. I have a major concern on how Toyota has a $1,000 handicap incentive which typically requires removing the seats for those in wheelchairs. This is the oxymoron that big business and… Read more »


Did somebody try to use the airbag simulator dongle for older Toyota vehicles? I looked at the connector at my Toyota Sienna 2008, and the yellow airbag connector looks somewhat different. It looks like it was modified for next Toyota generation cars.

Putko Mafanni

Your website says $15, but when I go to pay, PayPal says $19. Getting a little greedy, aren’t we? Can’t blame you though. With no alternatives now it’s your time to shine and make a buck. Not from me though


Not a very relevant comment. I just thought it was interesting. I bought a 2021 Sienna and live on an island in Alaska. I’ll receive my dongle before I receive my new car. It takes about 2 weeks on the barge. I’ll be using it as a mail delivery vehicle.… Read more »

Brian Bebee

Are 2022 out yet ?


When will the 2022 be available. I have a 2022 that I can not drive as the airbag light is on so the vehicle is not inspectable. Took the seats out to put wheelchair in van.


Taking a 2022 in a few weeks. Do you have a dongle yet for 2022 ?
I live in the bay area. Can take measurements 🙂


Hi Brad : ) 1- If I plug the air bag simulator for a Sienna 2022 for the seat of the second row before repluging the battery…. I won’t have to reboot the computer and and it will work as usual that’s right ? 2- And if I remove the… Read more »


1- if I remove the third row, is there more airbags and do I need to by other simulators of some other sorts? 2- If I plug the air bag simulator for a Sienna 2022 for the seat of the second row before repluging the battery…. I won’t have to… Read more »

Varg Sutton

I just plugged a couple of them into my 2022 XLE and they work perfectly. Make sure you disconnect the battery (after you open the doors), then plug the dongles in. Plug the battery back in and you might have to slightly assist the doors closed but they’ll work as… Read more »

Mario Cioppa

ok so going through the comments and it looks like 2022 is compatible (8 passenger config). So I need 2 b/c middle seat doesn’t have a bag? Also, my rear seats bounce up and down when they’re not “erect”….lol. that can’t be normal.


nice work – has anyone of your customers tried this on an LC200 landcruiser? I have 2nd row removed for overlanding and would like to turn off error light on dash

Peter Dion

Hi Brad! Thank you so much for researching and engineering this solution. I have a 2022 Sienna XLE, I see others here on your site saying your solution works for our models. Please confirm that this is true. Also I want to remove both 2nd row seats, how many dongles… Read more »


I have sienna XSE 2022 and it does has 2 yellow connector. I guess I cannot remove my second row seat yet until you create the second dongle. Does any one know the 2021 dongle work both connector?


Will this work in a 2003 Sienna front passenger seat?


Any news yet for 2022 Sienna second Dongle?


Looking for a rav4 2021 hybrid xle front seat.

John Rico

Hi I’m impressed with your technology solution in removing the 2nd row seats and simulator solution. I own a Sienna 2021 XSE, 7 seater. I like to install the seats in reverse. center row seats facing to the rear. I realize I may have to switch Left to right side… Read more »

John Rico

Hi I’m impressed with your technology solution in removing the 2nd row seats and simulator solution. I own a Sienna 2021 XSE, 7 seater. I like to install the seats in reverse. center row seats facing to the rear. I realize I may have to switch Left to right side… Read more »


Got out square and round dongles yesterday in the mail plugged them in and they work perfectly.

Thank you so much


Thank you so much!!!! You are a hero to the sienna van lifers!!!!!

ioan constantinescu

Hi Brad, Great work! For a SIENNA 2022, LE AWD, 8-Pass: In the picture above I see three connectors: 1) – One White plug. 2) – One “Round” plug, Yellow, works with 90980-12697 and 90980-12698. 3) – One “Square” plug, Yellow, works with 90980-11992 and 90980-11886. Can you explain what… Read more »

Billie Barker

Can just the passenger side second row be turned to face rear? And the drivers side second row removed & add 1 dongle? Tips for doing this?


A+++. 2022 Sienna LE Works!
I bought two of the round Airbag Simulators a few weeks ago and have driven a few hundred miles since I installed them.


Hi Brad, will this also work for TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 200 SERIES 2010 model second row seats?

Robert Quevillon

Bonjour,j’ai commandé 2 simulateur de air bag rond pour une Sienna le 8 passager 2022 pour pouvoir enlever les 2 sièges arrière,mais est-ce que le témoin de ceinture de sécurité va rester allumé dans le Dashboard?est-qu’il va y avoir un son de coche d’avertissement de ceinture pas attaché?

Paul Smith

Hi Brad, I just installed your dongle into my 2016 Prius 3 Touring’s removed passenger seat socket. It fit perfectly, however, the airbag dash light remains on (but no SRS warning appears). Is that correct? I would have assumed the airbag light would go off. Also, does the 2.2 resistor… Read more »

Andrew Chen

Has this every been attempted or do you have knowledge of this work for a toyota FJ cruiser 2008 I believe they use the round yellow connectors for the SRS.



Hey Brad I have a 22 Sienna .. 8 passenger LE.. just want to order the correct toggles.. is that the square ones? and only 2 are needed ? Thank You

Aaron Cohen

Hi Brad, I just purchased the legacy plug airbag simulator for the passenger seat of my 2017 Toyota 4runner. Do you know if one would need a an OCS stimulator for this make/model? If so, do you sell those as well or can you suggest where to purchase them?

james porter

I see this dongle is listed to work on 2022 RAV4. Anyone know if it will work on my 2022 RAV4 hybrid LE? Which one do I need?




Thank you Brad for coming up with this great dongle. I bought 2 round plugs for our 2022 Toyota Sienna. We have no more annoying airbag message. Each plug cost $15 +shipping handling and taxes of course. At the end of the day you can spend an easy $20. ($40… Read more »


What plugs is for a 2017 BRZ?


This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, for a couple of different vehicles as follows: 1. 2017 Subaru Crosstrek. I would like to remove the front passenger seat for additional space, and need an airbag simulator for this seat. 2. 2012 Jeep Wrangler JKU. Same thing here, I would… Read more »

Ewan C. Park

Hi! Looks like a great product. I have a 2014 Prius (Generation 3). The chart only shows Prius from 2016 on. Would the Legacy still work for a 2014?


Brad, awesome page and solution! Have you happened to get your hands on a 2023 8 passenger Sienna to know what dongles it would need yet? We plan to purchase one soon and would like to be able to the options of removing seats using your guide and dongle solution.… Read more »


Which one for a 2015 tacoma. And how many are required?


Will this work on a 2010 fj cruiser?

CeAnne Taylor

Hi, which would I need for a 2023 toyota sienna xle 7 seats


Will the 7 seat 2023 Sienna (XLE AWD) use the same dongles as the 2022? Is one of each (round and square) required, or 2 of each? Thanks.


Hi Brad…. Pretty impressed by your work… ! We are about to have a new Toyota Hiace panel van delivered early next year and Toyota have said that the rear seats can’t be removed due to the airbag light issue… Below is a link to the toyata van.. We… Read more »


I have a 2014 Tundra with both front seats replaced with PRP racing seats. Will these simulators make the airbag light disappear? I read I may need resistors too?

Thank you


Hi Brad, I have a 2020 Camry XSE and the front passenger side occupancy sensor(s) malfunctioned and the srs airbag light stays on and makes this annoying chime for 5 min. I was wondering if this bypass would fit the camry and if this is the right product for my… Read more »

Chris Engo

Brad, Just did the whole seat-removal process on our 2022 Sienna XLE AWD, 2nd row captains chairs. Your process and sequence is spot on, the dongles do the magic, nothing on my display, It’s now a 2-person rolling crash-pad with a pop-up kitchen out of the rear well. Thanks for… Read more »


I’m not tech savvy at all. I had my two middle captains chairs removed from my 2022 Toyota Sienna XLE for my Freeway Camper Kit. The plugs they sent don’t fit and one of the prongs broke when I was trying to install them. The round plugs that you made… Read more »

Jaron Jarvinen

Hi Brad,
We have a 2022 Highlander Platinum that we would like to remove the second row captain seats. Do you know if the simulators would work for us?
Thank you.

Mary Ann

Hi. I have a 2022 Sienna modified by Braunability to be wheelchair accessible. It has also been adapted with hand controls for braking and acceleration. I have been getting the message described in your video and it is driving me crazy! Your video is the first hope I have found… Read more »


Hi Brad. I have a 2023 Sienna. I purchased one square and one round per your instructions. When I went to remove my seats I noticed that there are actually 3 plugs instead of the 2 that I saw in your Youtube instructional. I noticed that you have an image… Read more »


I just removed the middle row seats and plugged in the dongles. No alarm. Worked perfectly. Thank you. Now do you have any idea how to turn off the seat belt light?


Hey Brad, will you guys be developing a dongle for the new Landcruiser 300 Series? (2nd row seats)

Jose Silverio

Will this work for a 2022 Tundra? The srs air bag malfunction lights comes on and off. Dealer has made three different attempts to turn it off and no luck.


I need one for a 2008 yaris. Do you have one by chance?

Julian choi

I unplugged the airbag plug while battery was still attached. Never removed the seat, just plugged the plug bqck in but the airbag warning stays on,, is this a major issue?


2022 Toyota Sienna


hi is it working for sienna 2023??

Montey Michael

Do you have a resistor that will simulate curtain air bags on a 2022 Toyota Tacoma


Hi Brad, After about 2 weeks of no airbag light, I now have the airbag warning light appearing on the dash. I have a 2021 Sienna with the second row removed and dongles in place. I just received a 3rd dongle for my front passenger seat, which I hope to… Read more »


Do you happen to make a dongle for the occupant sensing system for the front seat of a 2021 LE? I do not know how to “transplant the OCS (occupant classification system) controller and sensors from the original seat.”


I’m looking for Toyota hiace airbag simulator for the second row. I just check the plug is with 6 pin , square. Do you have any stock?


Hello, Brad. Have you receive my email? I sent you the picture of my car, model and simulator I need.

Chonghwan Yun

so, I will need to buy four of these units don’t I?


hi i just bought a round plug for my 2021 seinna this week, but it doesn’t work. I have try replug and restart the car, but the airbag message still there.


Hi do you have a bypass plug for 2007 Toyota 4 Runner Curtain Air Bags that have been
removed ?


Very pleased ~ the round dongles worked for my rear seats (middle row) in my GX460. Easy install.