1600W/mK pyrolytic graphite sheet, 0.025×300×300mm


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These are very thermally conductive (1600W/mK) graphite sheets, great for spreading or transporting heat and smoothing out hot spots.

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Over 100 sold between BradsHacks.com and eBay!

As featured in my MateBook X Pro cooling mods, these pyrolytic graphite sheets have incredible thermal conductivity: 1600W/mK — 4 times that of copper. Therefore, they are excellent at spreading or transporting heat and smoothing out hot spots.

My readers and myself have previously resorted to the Panasonic PGS graphite sheets from Digikey, which are $24 to $33 for a 180×115mm sheet. Now, I’ve managed to source these sheets by manufacturer AOQ, directly from China. They have the exact same thermal conductivity compared to the Panasonic counterpart of the same thickness, but these sheets are 4.4 times the size. I’m selling these at a quarter of the price of the Panasonic per unit area. Also because of the large size, you get a contiguous area instead of separate pieces, for even better heat spread.

Third-party verification document showing 1820.559W/mK in the raw material which lowers to 1600W/mK once packaged into the sheet product:

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Dimensions30 × 30 × 1 cm
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