Relaunch: a Simple, 1-Click App to Reset Launchpad


Size: 1.3MB (1,339,182 bytes)

  • The app is barebone simple; most of the file size comes from the full-size icon file. Relaunch contains absolutely no junk and unnecessary content at all.

Function: resets your LaunchPad layout.


  1. Double click the Relaunch app to open it. (Okay, I lied on this post’s title. Technically it takes TWO clicks to perform the action [facepalm].)
  2. Relaunch automatically resets your LaunchPad layout and quits itself.

Compatibility: tested on OS X Yosemite 10.10.1. Please report in the comments whether it works elsewhere.

Developer: Brad Ling (I simply used Script Editor to create this app. I know, I know.) I just got tired of entering the command in Terminal every time I clean up my LaunchPad, so I made this handy-dandy tool.

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