Spectre X360 13t (Coffee Lake) Teardown

The bottom lid: 4 Phillips screws hidden under the rubber strip/foot, 2 T5 screws on the bottom corners. HP, fuck you for hiding screws under the rubber foot, and for double-fooling people by putting them under only one of the two strips.

Full frontal without the battery and Samsung PM981 SSD. Kudos to HP for efficiently using internal space, such as by extending the speaker chambers into the machined cavities under the palmrest areas.

Tiny heatsink on the keyboard side of the motherboard.

The heatsink base plate.

The fans look pretty good.

The SK Hynix RAM chips are under this metal cover.

HP, 🖕 fuck you for still not using Precision Touchpad drivers. Wake up, it’s 2018.

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