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iPod Touch 4 Teardown

Compared to my dad’s old iPod touch 2, my iPod touch 4 was my precious when I first got it in February 2011. I still remember, that day was also when the untethered jailbreak, GreenPois0n, for iOS 4.2.1 became public. Without any doubt, the FIRST thing I did the moment I touched it was to get it jailbreaked. Pwned!

I used it for a year, and it got slower, and slower, and sllooowweeer. Meantime, the fragile home button sank deeper and began losing its sensitivity. So I had to press harder, and harder, and HARDER. Finally it just became basically unusable.

I don’t know what was going on in my head when I thought to pull out the home button with brutal force. I grabbed a knife and screwdriver and jerked it out! It came off – with part of the screen glass – revealing the metal part. On it was a another really small button, that I could still press.

Poking that little button worked for a while, but it eventually came off. Then all I had was a conductive metal that was inside the tiny button. The tiny button was conductive too, so I guess that’s how it sends an electric signal when pressed. As you see, the screen was cracked when I was getting rid of the original home button. After I got permission from my parents for a new iPod (I don’t want to sound like a spoiled boy, I had to beg them), I went all-in, dissecting every part of this poor iPod touch.