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MateBook X Pro Touchpad Rattle Fix

The Problem

Your Huawei MateBook X Pro’s touchpad (or trackpad) feels loose, and it rattles or wobbles up and down when you tap on it. You are able to depress the touchpad surface without it actually clicking. In other words, there is play or slack in the touchpad.


[tabs][tab title=”Recommended Paper Method”]

Simply insert a piece of paper under each of these metal tabs. If you need help opening the bottom lid, watch the video below.

Thanks to everyone in the MateBook community who helped these solutions evolve! (See the original, primitive touchpad fix here.)

[/tab] [tab title=”Permanent Method”]

You can also hammer down the tabs to the right tolerance. This method gives you the most control over how tight you want the touchpad to be, and the most consistency of feel.


The ID card is to support the touchpad from underneath, or else you’d just be hammering the chassis.


The Cause

Practically all MateBook X Pros have a loose touchpad. 62% of users in this survey reported having this problem. I believe the other 38% simply did not notice it or see it as a problem, since it is a subjective issue.

The touchpad’s looseness is caused by the excessive clearance between the touchpad and the chassis. During assembly, the touchpad is slotted into the chassis and a machine presses down the two metal tabs to secure it in place. The touchpad’s “upper limit” of travel is where the tabs touch the chassis. Its “lower limit” is where the tactile switch bottoms out. A perfectly tight touchpad actuation requires the upper limit to coincide with the tactile switch’s resting/undepressed/up position, so that there is no slack. However, because the metal tabs are not pressed in far enough, they leave a gap where the touchpad can travel down without yet actuating the tactile switch.