Here’s Why MateBook X Pro Charges Slowly

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Forget CPU and GPU thermal throttling — charge rate throttling is now a thing.

Exposed charging circuit with shielding cover peeled off. Plugged in, CPU idle.

  • The charging circuit doesn’t have enough cooling and tends to overheat.
  • Since the charging circuit and the CPU use the same heatsink, heat from the CPU gets dumped onto the charging circuit, making it even hotter.
  • The charging rate is temperature-dependent, but the charging circuit doesn’t seem to have a temperature sensor, so Huawei probably went super conservative about protecting the charging circuit and modeled its temperature after the CPU temperature.

Therefore, even when the CPU is a little bit warm, the charging rate thermal-throttles.

I will discuss solutions to reduce this as part my throttling elimination project.

Also, the recent BIOS updates (especially since 1.17) seem to have slightly improved the charge rate.

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I am on 1.18 Bios and i constantly have this issue. Even when CPU is idle at 48-55 c charging gets stuck for hours and hours until i close the lid. It then charges, i think, normally…