[Fix] Make WooCommerce Show Reviews in a Separate Tab


The reviews/comments section for your WooCommerce product are not showing in a dedicated tab, besides “Description” and “Additional Information”, even though this is supposed to be default behavior in most themes.


This may be caused by your WordPress theme not fully supporting WooCommerce. For example, my website uses the Suits theme, which has this problem.


The following method will force-declare WooCommerce compatibility in your theme.

We’ll add a single line of code to the functions.php of our current theme. You could simply append the code in WordPress Dashboard → Appearance → Theme File Editor → Theme Functions, but this won’t persist if the theme updates. So, let’s instead use a code snippet plug-in like this one. (Alternatively, you could also use a Child Theme.)

With the code snippet plugin installed, add a new snippet.

Paste this code into the snippet:


Choose to only run it on the front-end (no need for this to apply to the WP dashboard backend and other areas).

Save Changes and Activate.

More Info

Read more about declaring WooCommerce support in themes on WooCommerce’s GitHub.

Comment below what theme this trick worked on (or didn’t)!

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