XuiMod – new Xposed module

If you’re an Android enthusiast, you probably know about the Xposed framework, which is extremely powerful in terms of customization. Recently I saw this new Xposed module, XuiMod.

It might not have as much features as XBlast, but it has my favorite feature from Mokee OS: listview animations.

thanks to sprytezero for making this video

Other features such as:

  • BatteryBar – original idea/design from MIUI. Displays battery percentage in the form of a thin bar on the top of the screen.
  • Xylon animation – weird system-wide framework transition animations from Xylon ROM. I personally prefer the stock Android animations.
  • Lockscreen torch – hold home/menu/back button at lockscreen to toggle torch. I remember this is also available in many ROMs like CM and MIUI.

As a user, I greatly appreciate the work of zst123 (creator of XuiMod). And of course, without rovo89‘s Xposed framework, all of this wouldn’t be possible.

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